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Craniosacral is a great alternative and complimentary path to wellness. As osteopaths, we do not look for pathologies or what is wrong with a person, we find the health.  We assume people are self healing and have vitality. Our goal is to improve this vitality and relieve obstacles that slow the self healing process.  An osteopath does not fix you, they bring as much of you into balance as possible and let your body do the rest. Pain is a healthy response, now it's time to alleviate it.


I earned my master at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. This is a five year program integrating classical American osteopathy with the modern European approach. Allopathic medicine is not addressed; the focus is a hands-on therapy. This model works with the medical system as a complimentary path much in the same way as chiropractic treatments.


The goal is to realign your standing structure, but more important, help you move better. Issues in the body are rarely isolated to one spot with one cause. Any injury affects everything below and above. For this reason, treatments must integrate every joint, bone, and muscle, using techniques that work the best for you. Every organ is affected when it comes to spinal health. The approach is a science, philosophy and art and it works!


CranioSacral (CS) is based upon the connection of Cranium-to-Sacrum or simplified to head-to-hips, or head-pelvis therapy. The primary focus is the nervous system encompassing the brain to spinal cord and reaching every aspect of the human body. This includes muscles, organs, arteries, and skin which are all connected to nerves. An unbalanced nervous system is in someway related to every issue we experience, whether mental or physical. 

Craniosacral believes in a rhythmic impulse that expands throughout the body. We see that this rhythm has a directly realtionship to health and vitality. Therapists are trained to palpate it and use it to balance the nervous system and realign bones. The same way the heart knows how to beat, and we know how to breathe, the cranial rhythm knows how to heal. It is actually quite profound once experienced in practice.

Skilled therapists stay attuned in to this rhythmic impulse throughout the entire treatment. It is an art of staying present to the person, what is happening in them, and what you feel all at the same time. In the moment therapists are always tracking the person as a whole and what is happening deep in the nervous system.

70-min initial consultation


The purpose of this treatment:

1) Verbal health assessment 

2) Discuss your primary issue

3) Movement assessment and treatment.

If we decide to move forward we will:

1) Schedule a 1-2 week follow-up 

2) Plan a treatment path usually 4-8 sessions

3) Decide on a maintenance schedule (every 3-8 wks)

$175 - 1st appt. 
$125 - 40 min. follow-up
$140 - 55 min. extended follow-up    
$75.  - 25 min. shortened follow-up
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