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Coaching is a great alternative and complimentary path to wellness. Coaches do not look for pathologies or what is wrong with a person. We assume people are creative, resourceful and whole. Our goal is to listen with a deep presence and to guide you to your own conclusions. A coach is not someone with all the answers, just a person who asks the right questions.


Life Transitions

Career & Business

Neurodiversity - ADHD


Health & Wellness

Yoga & Movement

Creativity & Spirituality 


PsychoSynthesis (PS) believes that our personality is made of many parts.  One of our main coaching goals is to help you bring awareness to these parts or to identify them. Each part has advantages and disadvantages and once you know this, things begin to change. 

PS was developed around the same time Frued and Jung were discovering the unconscious (lower) mind. Essentially we store impactful negative experiences away and often they bleed through in our lives unknowingly. PS took this a step further identifying a higher unconscious of stored creativity, inspiration, love etc. PS Coaching helps you identify the lower and higher unconscious minds and bring them to a middle place. Again this is awareness based coaching to bring understanding to the full potential of the unconscious.  No simple task!

One of the most difficult things in life is living with two opposing thoughts or feelings. Even more challenging is accepting that they both can be true. Our worlds are very polar and coaching can be a great way to set time aside to experience this. The Synthesis behind PsychoSynthesis is to help you be with these polarities, integrate the unconscious and join with the many personalities. Let's help make all your choices have Purpose and Meaning.

30-min consultation

in-person or virtual - free service 


The purpose of this meeting:

1) Determine if my coaching method is appropriate for you

2) Discuss your intentions, issues, and goals

3) Discover if our communication styles resonate

If we decide to move forward we will:

1) Schedule our first of four appointments

2) Decide on the appropriate payment plan

3) Complete a coaching agreement (liability, consent, etc)

$100 - 50 min.         $300 - 4 sessions
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