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An Integrative Approach

w/ Andy

This process provides support for anything happening in your life. As you enter your session bring any goals, hopes, and dreams. Share your troubles, problems, and worries. We will spend some time talking and some time on the table. How much of each will be determined by how you arrive that day. Whatever you need the most to take you one step closer to where you want to be. Two seemingly opposite things, Coaching and Bodywork,  combined, integrated or synthesized together into one treatment. 


A famous Osteopath was known for say, "thoughts are things." Between 1900-1950 there was the New Thought Movement where hundreds of books were written on the power of thought.  The strength of the mind continues to be written about to this day. Current medical science now is helping people understand the connection to pain and their mind.


Pyscho-somatic doesn't mean everything is in your head. Your experiences are very real to you. Your brain and your thougths are part of  your nervous system. Your brain physically turns into a spinal cord, then into nerves which then interact with every system of your body.  Of course there is a connection to your brain, thougths, and body, but it is very complicated one . 

What makes it complicated is the pycho-emotional realationship. Emotions can be experienced intensensly or they can be ignored. How your brain interpretes feelings does affect your body, it has your whole life.  CranioSacral addresses the nervous system directly and Coaching accesses thoughts and feelings.  It is a unique way to untangle the history or your life.


The word spiritual is different for every person, therefore I always ask for your definition, then we can speak about it in a way that has meaning to you. PsychoSynthesis identifies qualities of spirituality to which there are many. Inspiration, creativity, intuition,  joy are to name a few. These qualities seem to bring Purpose to what we are doing and with Purpose brings Meaning.  

Spiritual qualities help dissolve the old psycho-somatic patterns. They offer richer thoughts and feelings.  This can help you feel more like who you really are or more like yourself.  The pyscho-spirit relationship helps your brain access and believe in a  something higher, or what we call the Self. This is the part of you which is hidden behind the continual thinking and feeling place we often operate from. PschoSynthesis coaches you towards this way of being. CranioSacral accesses the spirit/energy part of the nervous system and connects it to the somatic, or body. 

This is not Woo Woo, there is a science, philosophy and art in this process. It's not about levitating, leaving your body, or constant states of ecstasy. It is about knowing your many personalities and being human. Then spiritual qualities can integrate into your being and not disappear when exposed to regular life. Real life can be challenging and pretending to float on a cloud won't get you far. This is a process and it takes time for those Willing.    

integrative coaching approach

CranioSacral & PsychoSynthesis


Treatment Format:

1) Some time is spent talking

2) Part of the session will be body-work

3) The balance of each is to be determined

After your first session we will:

1) Schedule a 1-2 week follow-up 

2) Plan the appropriate treatment path for you

$175 - 1st appt. 
$150 - 60 min. 
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